How We Do It

At Steven Thomson Consulting Group, we bridge

the space between …

Senior leadership and frontline staff
Qualitative and quantitative measures
Performance measurement and process improvement
You and your customers
Practice and theory

Three key values drive our work.

Sustained Engagement

We always recommend building a relationship over time so that we get to know your organization, can help identify and develop the talented people you have, and can contribute to a broader organizational development plan.

That may mean we come to your location for short, weekly workshops. Or if a five-day process improvement event is more appropriate for the task at hand, we’ll work closely with your staff to prepare the ground. After the big push, we’ll continue to be present to help monitor performance of the new system and train the team in tools needed in that stage.

And we’ll do all that for less than the “big boys” charge for just the five-day push.

Building Your Organization’s Capacity

We build training into every contract because we want you to develop the capacity to use these tools on an ongoing basis. As your organization develops, we can provide coaching to your in-house specialists and strategic planning with your executive team.

That is the pay-off of sustained engagement.

Everyday Lean

You’ve may heard of Toyota’s famous “Lean Management.” You’ve might have tried some tools. But substantial progress takes effort every day. We’re committed to giving your employees the tools so that they are working to provide better service every single day. We work with them on a schedule that keeps them engaged and productive and provide remote support when we are not on-site.

Building capacity over the long-term is important.