What We Do

At Steven Thomson Consulting Group, we focus on performance management and process improvement for ‘public good’ organizations.

  • Local government: cities, counties, ports and parks
  • First Nations
  • Higher education
  • B-corporations and social service non-profits
  • Private firms committed to the triple bottom line.

You are a mission-driven organization, focused on watching your nickels and dimes. Strategic alignment — knowing what is most important in your mission, doing it more effectively and more efficiently, and spending less effort on what is least important — is critical to your success.

We guide the process for your teams to develop

  • performance dashboards, for a specific program or for the enterprise;
  • shared understanding of the mission of each unit and how it relates to the organization’s mission;
  • habits of structured problem solving to make continuous, incremental gains in productivity;
  • strategies for engaging customers to develop clear definitions of product quality;
  • innovative breakthroughs to resolve repetitive conflicts between competing goals.


Here are some things our clients have said.

Steven created an outstanding performance dashboard for [my organization]. Over the course of eight weeks, he pored over our strategic plan, budget, and other policy documents; built relationships with key staff; worked long hours; and, perhaps most importantly, increased awareness of and interest in performance measurement throughout the organization.

Another client commented that …

Steven is a keen listener with great insight. He’s truly impressive in his ability to quickly grasp the current state and immediately begin mapping out a superior future.

Suzette Cooke, Mayor, City of Kent said:

Steven Thomson has been an asset to the City of Kent government.  In his ten months of consulting, Steven helped the city make significant strides toward becoming a high performance organization. He helped us focus on refreshing our strategic plan to make our objectives more specific and accountable. He worked with us to develop criteria to select a firm for a community survey, and provided guidance on shaping the content of the survey so the results could better inform our management and policy decisions going forward. His work on three process improvement projects with program and department-level performance dashboards has demonstrated the value of Lean efforts across the organization – and generated significant energy and enthusiasm toward expanding those initiatives into other areas. Steven’s advice and insights have helped us take practical steps toward building capacity to provide superior service to our community.

Celia Nightingale, Director of the Center for Business and Innovation, said:

In starting up an innovative program, I questioned the value of engaging a process improvement consultant before processes were even built. But I was quickly made a believer! Steven was excellent in helping us distinguish between the many pressing tasks and our core processes. Our work together has placed us in a position to continually improve our work from day one.

A program manager said:

Steven’s approach was entirely different [from other Lean consultants] and much more valuable to me as a manager, and to the organization. Over the course of several weeks, he led a Lean workshop series that focused on building problem-solving capacity and creating a visual management system for our agency. As part of this effort, he helped us identify and measure value in what we do, taught us how to identify problems, deploy counter-measures and evaluate results. Under Steven’s direction, we learned the continuous improvement system by working through a number of real problems and so simultaneously made immediate progress and built long term capacity.

I do not hesitate in recommending Steven to others seeking to make real process improvements in their organization.

A staff member said:

When this Lean stuff started, I thought it sucked. I thought it was a waste of time. But now that it is done, it is one of the best investments the city has made.